Bringing Children's Art To Your Community

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The London International Gallery of Children’s Art

What We Do

We use children’s art as a tool to teach children about themselves and the world around them

How We Do It

We curate educational exhibitions of international and local children’s art

Who We Do It For

Schools, community groups, hospitals, museums and galleries

“Arte della Pace” (Art of Peace)

What is peace?  How can it be achieved? To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Italy's entrance into WWI, LIGCA’s collection of art from the Balkan War will be displayed at the Italian School in London and at the Italian Cultural Institute. The artwork in this...

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We are at the Langley Academy!

A selection of our art is currently part of an exhibition at the Langley Academy, Langley, Berkshire, until the end of October. Students have the opportunity to explore everyday life from artwork by children from different countries and objects associated with their...

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View Our Collection

Our permanent collection has more than 500 pieces of children’s art from over 10 countries.

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