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To comply with GDPR guidelines, we have updated our privacy policy which you can read in this page.


The following is LIGCA’s Privacy Policy that explains who we are and what we will do with personal data that is collected from you and how it will be used and stored by us.

Who We Are

The London International Gallery of Children’s Art (LIGCA) is a charitable organization and its mission is to promote education, international understanding and awareness through children’s art. We primarily organize activities and events, such as education workshops and art exhibitions, in various locations around the world including schools, museums and galleries in furtherance of this goal. These activities and events are often presented in collaboration with a partner organisation or entity.

We are a charity registered in England and Wales. Our registered charity number is 1114021 and our company limited by guarantee number is 5697695. Our registered office address is Unit 11, Wimbledon Stadium Business Centre, Riverside Road, London SW17 0BA.

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Legitimate Interests

To achieve its mission to promote education, international understanding and awareness through children’s art, it is LICGA’s legitimate interest to:

  • Contact existing partners on ongoing and new projects;
  • Identify and contact potential partners, such as schools and other educational institutions and organisations; hospitals; museums and other cultural institutions and organisations; art galleries, artists and others who wish to enrich the lives of children and adults through children’s art;
  • Identify and communicate with potential supporters, donors and sponsors who might share LICGA’s interest and mission; and
  • Communicate with existing supporters, donors and sponsors to assess their willingness to continue or increase their support of LIGCA and its mission.

What Personal Information We Collect

Personal data may be requested from you in order carry out the functions of our charitable organization. If we request this information, we will let you know how we use it by referring you to our Privacy Policy.

We collect personal data that you may provide to us in relation to:

  • Your registration and participation in an education workshop, exhibition or other activity or event, for example as a student participant;
  • Consent forms;
  • Mailing sign ups and attendance lists;
  • Your visits to our website and social media and messaging services, such as Facebook;
  • Volunteer and employee applications including CVs and professional activities;
  • Donations and other forms of fundraising;
  • Copies of documents that you provide us to verify your identity;
  • Contact preferences;
  • Competition entries; and
  • Details obtained as a result of correspondence between you and us and any feedback you may give us.

Personal information we collect from you may include:

  • Your name, title, gender, date of birth or age; postal address or country of origin, email address and phone number;
  • Child/parent or guardian details; and
  • Other personal information that you volunteer when participating in an activity or event, which may include your story, your reflections on your artwork or craftwork, current interests and activities, school name, etc.

Additional information that we may collect and retain about you as a participant or visitor at an activity or event, a supporter of LIGCA, or as a user of our website or social media and messaging services may include:

  • Taxpayer status to determine the availability of Gift Aid;
  • Bank details, where applicable, and
  • Any other information provided by you to LIGCA at our request.

What we do with your information

In order to fulfil the mission and responsibilities of LIGCA, we will, for certain LIGCA purposes, ask for your consent before using your information, while in others we may use your information where we have a legitimate interest to do so. We may also collect and process your personal data in order to comply with our contractual and legal obligations. Personal information will be processed fairly and in accordance with data protection principals. When consent is required to use the personal data of a child under the age of 18, the consent of a person with parental responsibility will be requested at the time of collection. In addition the child will be provided with a clear age and language appropriate privacy notice.

The use of your information will depend on your relationship with LIGCA and preferences that you have indicated and may be used by us for the following purposes:

  • To display or publish artwork at our educational workshops and exhibitions, on our website or on our social media and messaging services, or in educational materials or books;
  • To send you information about LIGCA by post, telephone or electronic means. These types of communications may include information on upcoming events such as education workshops or exhibitions; information on our fundraising activities whereby we may request that you consider giving financial or other support to our charity; and other relevant communications;
  • To provide news and updates about LIGCA on our website and social media and messaging services;
  • To fulfil any requests that you make to us and to communicate with you with respect to those requests;
  • To process donations, direct debit and Gift Aid confirmations and thank you cards;
  • To administer competitions that you enter;
  • To process volunteer and employment applications;
  • To request the completion of a survey(s) that will assist us in tailoring our plans for potential education workshops, exhibitions and other events and activities;
  • To prepare annual reports; and
  • For data screening and cleansing so that we may check if we have accurate contact details for you.


Who we might share your information with

We do not disclose personal data to any third parties or external organisations other than to carefully selected and trusted persons or organizations if a disclosure of information is necessary to conduct a LIGCA related activity or event or to process donations. These third parties or external organisations may include school and hospital administrators, educators, art consultants. We may disclose personal data if required to do so by law. Personal data may be shared with third parties outside the European Economic Area (EEA) in relation to education workshops, exhibitions and other events and activities. These countries may not have similar data protection laws as in the UK. However, third parties will be instructed and contractually bond to handle any shared personal data in accordance with the GDPR and the provisions stated in this Privacy Policy.

How we keep your information safe

We employ appropriate security measures to insure the safety of your personal data from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. This information is held in both digital and paper files. Our volunteers and data processors have been instructed on their obligation to maintain the confidentiality of those providing us with their personal data including that of students, participants, supporters and visitors. Although we strive to protect all data given to us, we cannot ensure the protection of information transmitted through the use of the internet with respect to loss, misuse or alteration.

How long do we keep your information?

We will only keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purpose it was collected for. Once the information is no longer required appropriate steps will be taken to insure that it is destroyed, in the case of a paper file, or deleted, in the case of a digital file.

How can I access the information about me, and correct or delete information?

You may ask us for a copy of any personal data that we hold about you by making a Subject Access Request. To make a Subject Access Request you will need to provide adequate proof of identity such as a copy of your passport, birth certificate or driving licence before your request can be processed. Moreover, requests made by someone with parental responsibility for the personal data of their child must provide adequate proof of their relationship to the child. You may also be asked to pay a nominal fee of up to £10 in order to process your request.

Once we have received your Subject Access Request, the agreed fee and proof of identity and relationship to a child, if applicable, you will receive a response from us within 40 days and you will be able to get copies of any information we hold on you. However, exemptions to disclosure may apply in some circumstances.

Subject Access Requests should be sent to:

LIGCA Data Protection Officer

3 Langland Mansions

228 Finchley Road

London NW3 6QA


You may request that any of your personal information held by LIGCA be deleted or corrected. You may also withdraw consent given pursuant to this Privacy Notice by simply contacting LIGCA at

If you have concerns about the way LIGCA has handled your information, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). They may be reached by phone at 0303 123 113 or online at


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Changes to our privacy policy

LIGCA regularly reviews and updates our privacy policy. This privacy policy was last updated on 21 January 2020.


Who are we?

The London International Gallery of Children’s Art (“LIGCA,” for short) gathers art made by kids around the planet. This work may be shown to other kids and adults through exhibitions and educational programmes in places like schools, museums, libraries or on our website. This way both kids and adult may learn more about how kids see the world through their art and understand them and the world better.

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What is a privacy notice?

A privacy notice explains how LIGCA can use information about you like your name, address, phone number, age or birthday, things you tell us about yourself and your art, a photo or video that you are in. This can also be called your “personal information”.


Why do we need one?

LICGA needs a privacy notice so that we can obey a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation (also called the “GDPR”) that protects your personal information.


What is the GDPR?

The GDPR protects your personal information by making LIGCA follow rules to make sure that we keep personal information about you safe.


What information do we collect about you?

We collect personal information about you so that we know who made the art, how old you are, where you made your art, what you have to say about yourself and your art, and so that we know the name, address, phone number and/or email of your parent or adult who is responsible for you.


How do we use your personal information?

LICGA may use or share some of your personal information, like your first name, your age, the city, town or village and country you’re from and your description about you and your art, a photo or video which you are in, in places like schools or exhibitions or on our website and/or on social media like Facebook so that we share information about the art you made. We may also print a copy of your art, with this personal information, in a book or catalogue and/or on a postcard.


How do we keep your information private?

It is important that your personal information be kept private and in a safe place so we follow the rules written in the GDPR and other rules to do this.


How long do we keep your information?

We will only keep your personal information for as long as we continue to use your work or in order to follow the law.


Don’t want to share?

If you are a kid, we will also ask your parent or the person who is responsible to take care of you for their permission to share your personal information. But, if you do not want us to share this information, you can say that you do not want to and we won’t.


How can I see what personal information you have about me and how that information can be changed or deleted?

The GDPR, which we told you about above, says that if you want to know what information LIGCA has about you or you would like to change or delete that information, you can do so by filing a form called a Subject Access Request (“SAR”) with us at Your parent or the person who is responsible for you will usually prepare the SAR for you while you are a child. The SAR can also be used to take back the consent you are giving us to use your personal information.


What to do if you’re not happy about how we use and care for your information

We hope that you will be happy with how we use and take care of your personal information. But, if you or your parent or the person who is responsible for you are not happy, you have the right to make a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”). They may be reached by phone at 0303 123 113 or online at


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