These portraits were produced during a series of workshops run at the Mbollet-ba village school on the north bank of the Gambia River.

The workshops were organized by the gallery and Ines Saltalamacchia, a parent at Salusbury Primary School in Brent, north London, during an educational exchange in February 2014.

This was part of a long-standing partnership between the two schools that helped rebuild the Gambian school, provide learning materials and support village development in Mbollet-ba.

Children, aged between 4 and 12 years old, from both schools attended the art workshops and learnt about portraiture.


Due to a lack of funds, the Mbollet-ba village school is unable to provide its pupils with an art curriculum. As a result, this project provided some children with their first opportunity to create art through the use of art materials such as oil pastels.

Their focus, application and interest during the workshops was impressive, and created a unique atmosphere. The results are remarkable with some very delightful pieces.