When children get together to explore meaning and to communicate their understanding, they never fail to impress. This morning I visited an exhibition of children’s art at a primary school in London. The children had been learning about World War 2. The LIGCA pictures in display were made by children who were refugees from war from LIGCA’s collection known as ‘Homelandlessness’.

Each class in the school visited the exhibition and participated in an age appropriate workshop. They developed their own ways to represent their notions of peace and friendship and the contrasting visions of war. The results were interesting in many ways. Clearly the children from all ages got the concepts. They thought and planned and collaborated to produce work that was childlike, engaging, sometimes amusing. Always powerful.
LIGCA’s mission was in evidence. In these particularly difficult times we are all responsible to educate children who understand and who can make a positive difference in their lives. It all starts with empathy, communication and mutual respect. Children who understand bring hope for a better future. LIGCA continues in its commitment to help children explore the meaning through the art of other children with very different experiences.

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