Calling all young artists

to be part of a

global online exhibition!


We are living a unique time, and in the future life may be different from what it was before.

Join in the story of Christopher and Isabella and see how you can communicate with children of the future, so they can learn about the time of the Coronavirus and about you.

Your artwork, and that of other children from all over the world, may also be selected to be part of our online exhibition.

The coronavirus outbreak has been a unique time and you may have experienced new things, taken up new hobbies, found new ways to communicate with friends and family and to learn.

Let’s imagine a time in the future when the thoughts and feelings you may now be having such as hope, fear, happiness, sadness, loneliness and boredom can be shared and understood by other children and adults.


The year is 2050. Christopher and Isabella have found a chest, mysteriously stashed away in a corner of their home. Curious, they wipe away the dust, and after struggling a bit with the latch, they manage to finally open the chest. Inside they find three boxes. One is marked “Before Coronavirus”, the second “During Coronavirus” and the third “After Coronavirus”. Fascinated, they open each box, one by one. They realise that each box contains incredible artwork drawn by children in the past during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 they learned about in school, but the pictures in each box are not the same. As they look more carefully at the pictures, they begin to better understand the lives of the children who made the pictures, the changes that happened in their lives during the Coronavirus time, and how they imagined their future.


You are one of the children whose artwork will be discovered by Christopher and Isabella in this story. Create a picture and tell us in which box your picture would be found. If you’d like, you can create one, two, or three pictures, one for each box you choose.

What will Christopher and Isabella learn about the time of the Coronavirus and about you by looking at your picture in the future?


What will your picture be of? Here are some ideas that may help you decide what your artwork could be about; small details will be of great interest in the future.

Family – Who have you spent time with or missed? How have you celebrated birthdays or special occasions? Who has worked or stayed at home? Perhaps you would like to do a self-portrait?

Friends – Did you find new ways to play and stay in touch?

Exercise & Hobbies – Did you take up new activities, walk more or discover new areas or experience nature in a different way?

School– Many of you will have been home schooled or taught online. Where did you do this, in your room or the kitchen or on the stairs? Do you feel differently about school now and can you make a picture of how you feel?

Food – Paint what you have been eating? Did you help to cook? How are you shopping?

Pets – Have you been helping to take care of your pets and has it been different being at home with them? Perhaps you have a favourite toy that has made you happy.

Emotions – Capturing emotions on paper is hard to do, but perhaps you could draw something that has made you feel hopeful, or sad. It could be of your hopes or fears for the future, or a memorable event that has made you feel emotional, such as clapping for the healthcare workers or singing on a balcony to your neighbours.


You can paint, draw, colour, cut and paste, print or use any materials available to you.

Once your picture is ready, either photograph it or preferably scan it and send it to us in a Jpeg format, no bigger than 5MB using the form below.

You keep the original artwork.

    Once upon a time in 2020 Entry Form

    I understand that all rights to the artwork and its image will be given to LIGCA. The material may also be used for LICGA related activities including future exhibitions, publications, art education programmes, research programmes and on its webpage ( and social media site(s), including Facebook.
    I hereby certify that this is an image of my child original work /creation.


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