When we work together in unity, we get the power of community. 

SMILE, Together We Can is a unique initiative created by the Nirmal Bhartia School (New Delhi, India) intended to unlock the monumental and miraculous Power of Community, both within ourselves and in the world around us. We are delighted to introduce the Nirmal Bhartia School “SMILE, together we can” weekly inspiration to give  children, young adults, families, communities and friends a reason to smile, a SMILE that would makes us each: Sing happy songs Make original art Ignite and inspire new thoughts and ideas Listen to the voice of the heart Energize, electrify and play our part. Every week NIBS will propose a new inspiration to help us remain connected in spirit and heart even as we stay safe and physically apart.  To receive the weekly inspiration visit: Nirmal Bhartia SMILE

Together We Can Be The Change!

Inter-school Exchanges and Project Collaborations

The SMILE, Together We Can Projects are designed to be creative, collaborative and time bound. A range of projects have been planned giving students opportunities to express themselves through music and song, varied forms of art, authentic engagement in change-making initiatives, deep reflections and a coming together of ideas, skills and talents.

Is your school ready to join us and spread the SMILE?

Write to us: info@ligca.org

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