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Our art-based educational projects are inspired by children’s artwork from around the planet and are linked to topics that span from nature, society, people, architecture, global issues, including the environment and sustainability, and more. We encourage international understanding through observation, reflection, creation and participation.

Our offer is inspiring and engaging.

Through the sharing of our artistic and educational resources and the formation of strong partnerships with teachers, students are given an opportunity to explore various topics through the eyes and works of children worldwide. We actively involve children and young people in understanding the culture and lives of others, while allowing them to reflect on their own. Students are then encouraged to express their own voice and develop a sense of belonging and ownership through their artwork.

We work in primary, secondary and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) settings.

Our projects are designed to be cross-curricular in order to expand and integrate the learning experience. They may be implemented at schools or online, either on a one-time or continuous basis.

The choice is yours!

We are aware of the need for flexibility within educational environments and we aim to meet this need to enrich the student’s experience. Teachers may select from a LIGCA tailored project or others that can be specially customised to your specific requirements. The choice is yours!

Financial incentives and discounts for registered Artsmark settings are available.

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Write to us: education@ligca.org

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